John Jesensky Reviews Great Australian Music Venues

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and its beauty does not just lie in its geographical landscape. The country has also been a vital entertainment hotspot with major shows happening in different grounds. The music venue landscape in Australia is more hostile and several new venues have popped up in the past few years making it a lively place for entertainment and the development of music.

John Jesensky is one of the most respectable conductors and composers across the world who have helped the music industry to grow. He is an experienced composer based in Los Angeles and he helps us to learn about Australia and top live venues you could visit while on holiday to the country.

Bird’s Basement

Bird’s Basement has minted an artistic partnership with the Birdland Club, an iconic New York City club. It’s a popular jazz venue that offers you a unique pedigree that can be felt immediately you enter. The Basement was founded by Albert Dadon, who once worked as the director of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Albert still oversees most of the activities that take place in the venue and he ensures all the performances done are among the best, sampling both local and international artists and groups.

Blue Note Piano Bar

This is a self professed club in Geelong that offers exceptionally tasty music and its popularity has continued to extend among the locals and visitors alike. The venue hosts a number of talented piano players and artists that leave the audience calling for more to sing the night away. Nostalgic dancers will find a haven where they can unwind to the power sprayed around by the cool music and performances that are hosted every night.

Coburg Velodrome

If you have never walked past a beautiful building or park and thought that it could be a perfect venue for performance, then the Coburg Velodrome could trigger your thoughts even before you make your way into the venue. The space offers bonafide outdoor live music concerts and is used to host festivals. Its open nature allows you the flexibility you need to unwind during performances. You could enjoy a number of concerts and shows on the venue and this is one of the most visited places in the country. Its beauty and the many events hosted make the place popular.

The Croxton Bandroom

The Croxton Bandroom has gone through a lot of rebranding and transformation that has helped to make the venue better overall. With the new renovations, The Croxton has absolutely gotten a new breathe of life and it now offers better artist spaces, sound and lighting systems as well as bars. You have many entertainment options at the venue besides music, which gives it a unique placement in the list of music venues in the country. Australia offers an ample environment to facilitate the growth of the music and entertainment industry, reason most of these venues receive international support and have remained attractions for many years.

Luigi Wewege Reviews Australian Companies Focused on Sustainable Food Production


luigi wewege food productionWith the issue of global climate change reaching a level of prominence that even the most resistant industries are altering their practices for the better, the focus is beginning to shift away from the more luxurious behaviors in which humans engage to those most frequently identified as necessities. When one realizes the resources and the amount of energy that goes into producing the food we eat, it becomes quite clear that alternative options ought to be considered.

Luigi Wewege, a financial services professional, would likely see an opportunity for Australian businesses to begin producing sustainable foods that require less irrigation and energy yet still meet the requirements of consumers, even those possessing the most refined of palettes. While many crops require a great deal of irrigation and utilize chemical fertilizers and pesticides, new ventures are beginning to take advantage of the growing consumer demand for sustainably produced crops.

Chickpeas, for example, are a naturally dry crop and therefore have no need for additional irrigation, reducing the use of water while also reintroducing vital nutrients like nitrogen back into the soil. This is beneficial for so many reasons, as eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers while simultaneously promoting improved soil health rather than causing soil degradation is of significant value to society at large.

About Australia

There is no land quite like the beautiful continent of Australia. Although it is the driest continent in the world, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most beautiful places to visit and dearly loved places to live. On the vast expanding Australian land, sheep and cattle graze peacefully.

Australia experiences some of the lowest rainfalls on earth in roughly 3/4 of the land. The rest of the land is alive, green and springing with life. As you can imagine, this well-watered area is where most of the food comes from. Australia is made up of six states and two territories.

Reviewing Australian Outdoor Advertising Companies

While the nature of the outdoor advertising medium has evolved quite a bit over time, Australian companies still understand that the full range of formats available through the outdoor advertising medium represent an especially critical component of an effective marketing strategy. APN Outdoor, for instance, has enjoyed a great degree of recent growth as a result of its ability to provide access to more than 50,000 advertising panels across the full range of advertising formats, including both digital and static roadside billboards as well as advertising appearing throughout the transit, rail and airport systems.

In reviewing the success of the marketing approach advocated by APN Outdoor, it is vital to recognize that sheer volume does not always guarantee success in advertising, and it would be a highly inefficient method even if it could guarantee such a positive outcome. Instead, an outdoor advertising firm’s success or failure largely depends on its ability to conduct market research that reflects the most recent trends regarding consumer behavior. Of course, the ability to command the attention of potential consumers is also of critical importance and requires a consistent commitment to the development of new and innovative strategies.

With regard to APN Outdoor, its recent performance in the Australian Securities Exchange certainly reflects the degree to which the company has succeeded in generating positive results for its clients. APN Outdoor is indeed known for its deep understanding of a changing marketplace and has developed a reputation for its ability to quickly adapt to emerging market trends in order to ensure its clients enjoy consistently exceptional marketing outcomes. The company has the volume necessary to reach a wide audience, and it has clearly prioritized market research and strategic development in all aspects of its business operations.